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Craft your next piece with a striking and sustainable new material, Mylea™ mushroom leather, from Mycotech Lab. Soft and pliable, yet remarkably durable, Mylea™ will elevate your work with a fraction of the carbon footprint. There's nothing else quite like it.
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The Important Details

Mylea™  is a leather-like material made out of mushroom mycelium and a cellulose backing.

1 - 1.9mm thick

10.24x18.11 inches (26x49 cm)

3oz per sheet

Please note, each leather strip is unique. When choosing between the two options, keep in the mind the amount of mottling for each:

- Natural Oyster is less than 25% mottling on strip.

- Golden Morel is more than 25% mottling on strip.

Product Ideas

You can use mushroom leather for anything for which you would use traditional leather of a similar thickness. Some of our favorite uses are in clothing, purses shoes, and other accessories. Extended exposure to rain or wetness, or extreme impact as in the case of a drum would be experimental uses at this point.

Care For Your Mushroom Leather

Caring for your mushroom leather is a breeze. Simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth and let it air dry completely before use. Avoid ironing, bleaching, machine washing, or tumble drying to preserve its natural beauty and integrity.

It’s better for the planet

Made with less time, water, resources, and carbon footprint than conventional leather. Mylea™ actually sequesters carbon, since it is grown on agricultural waste that is otherwise typically burned in Indonesia. Mylea™ is the eco-friendly material you've been searching for.